COVID-19 Update

The health of our personnel and our participants continues to be our priority. During this pandemic, we continue to offer all of our services while respecting all the health measures recommended by Santé publique du Québec. We have adjusted our schedule and our availability in person and remotely. For more information, you may contact us by email or by phone at 514-744-2944… Read more


“ I cannot deny the crucial role that AIM CROIT plays in my career. Its role is fundamental. That is why I will never hesitate to recommend AIM CROIT to anyone with a disability. At AIM CROIT, we are not put on trial to explain our major functional limitations or specific needs as workers. AIM CROIT employs competent people who know how to meet the job-related and job search needs of disabled persons. “

Marie-Pierre Lachapelle

“ After so much effort, I finally reaped the rewards. However, I insist on pointing out that you provided me with invaluable support during my process. I am very grateful. My integration (in my new job) went well and I thank you once again for all of the assistance you provided me while I was looking for employment. “


“ I would like to thank you personally for the tireless efforts you made to help me find a job. You knocked on all doors and assisted me throughout my employment integration process. My hiring is testimony to the effectiveness of your work. ”

Louis Gasnel Kins

“ With AIM CROIT, communications are simple, easy and very sincere. You can therefore be certain that you will obtain the help you need. “

Fredy Mancipe

“ Thank you very much for all of the help, availability and encouragement that you gave me during my job search process. “

Julie Gauvin

“ I would like to sincerely thank you for all of the efforts you made to help me find employment. I thank you once again for having taken me in and given me this chance. Thank you especially for your kindness. ”

Kahina Moknache