Our team

Our passionate and experienced team can make a difference in the progression of your career. Our dedicated professionals are available to assist you in meeting your career expectations while respecting your health conditions. Our team takes pride in being able to dismantle stereotypes, as well as barriers to hiring and discrimination in the workplace.

We are also very proud to welcome and train interns from various domains, throughout the year.

At AIM CROIT, we are here for you!

Employment Counselors

Alexandra Laurent

Team leader, LSQ 5

Audrey Daigneault

Employment Counselor

Mélissa Tadmor

Employment Counselor (Maternity leave)

Johan Favreau

Employment Counselor

Anne-Julie Bourdeau

Employment Counselor

Vanessa Drolet-Gauthier

Employment Counselor

Élisabeth Kouaté

Employment Counselor


Christina Cobein

Executive Director

Céline Turner

Executive Assistant

Aline Azoulay

Accounting Technician

Luise Dawahrah

Secretary – Receptionist

Ana Sandoval

Administrative Assistant

Charlène Daguin

Recruitment and social media agent

Collaborators – Professors from CREP

Julienne Soumaoro

Teacher - CREP

Méridji Lyakout

Career Counselor - CSDM


Julie Piette

Volunteer - Archiving and Shredding

Nitharsan Nick Nadaj

Volunteer - IT

Nadine Eustache

Volunteer - Business Administration Executive