AIM CROIT makes every effort to ensure that your hiring and integration process into the job market is as enjoyable as possible. Our primary motivation is to help you find employment that truly suits both your personal and professional needs. 

Below, you will see the eligibility criteria which allows us determine if we are the best suited organization to assist you in your professional endeavors.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have a permanent physical, sensory or neurological disability
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Live on the island of Montreal
  • Must be 16 years of age and older


People with Disabilities
1- According to the Employment Equity Act, a person with a disability is someone who has a permanent or recurrent impairment affecting their physical, mental or sensory abilities.

A disabled person may:

  • believe that they have a diminished ability to work;
  • believe they are at risk of being classified in this category by their employer or potential employer because of their disability.

This definition also applies to individuals whose functional limitations related to their disability are being accommodated for their employment or their place of work.

Limitations included

  • Coordination or dexterity, for example, difficulty using your hands or arms to grab or use a stapler or to write from using a keyboard
  • Mobility, for example, difficulty going from one room to another, or going up or down the stairs, etc.
  • Blindness or low vision.
  • Deafness and the inability or difficulty to hear.
  • Difficulty or disability related to speech and/or being understood.
  • Any other disability of within the learning or development faculties.

2- At the provincial level, the Act to Secure Handicapped Persons in the Exercise of Their Rights With a View to Achieving Social, School and Workplace Integration also defines an individual with a disability as “any person with a disability resulting in a significant and persistent disability and who is likely to meet obstacles in carrying out routine activities.”

A non-exhaustive list of physical, sensory or neurological disabilities:

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