International Association of
Machinists-Center For Administering
Rehabilitation and Employment Services


  • « For several years now, RBC has maintained a privileged business relationship with AIM CROIT. Our relationship is based on the exchange of information and especially the hiring of candidates among the organization’s clientele. We can testify to the quality of the service you provide businesses that consult you. »
    Daniel Campbell, Recruitment Manager, Québec Region, RBC Royal Bank
  • « As part of our partnership, the team at AIM CROIT has always demonstrated a good understanding of our current needs and has provided us with its precious collaboration on several occasions. We are certain that you are capable of successfully carrying out your mandate which consists of helping people with limitations to make their way on the job market and optimize their skills. »
    Karine Gorecki, Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources, BNP Paribas
  • « Your important consultation work and close collaboration with a variety of partners have allowed hundreds of employers to leverage the talent of your participants. AIM CROIT has thus become a highly appreciated source of complementary assistance in the support process as well as for the purpose of corporate employment equity hiring plans. »
    Maxime Tanguay, Volunteer Coordinator, Moisson Montréal
  • « Your organization knows how to use its expertise to find innovative solutions to the job search needs of people who have a physical and/or sensory disability. »
    Marc Grignon, General Manager, Carrefour jeunesse emploi Saint-Laurent
  • « For Université de Sherbrooke, AIM CROIT is the most important organization for recruiting interns in the field of employability. The experience gained by our students is directly related to their training and the diversity of tasks to which they are assigned enables them to develop a very wide area of expertise that is fundamental to their future professional achievements. »
    Yves Gauthier, Internship Coordinator, Université de Sherbrooke